BrainDead Brewing beer packaging

The Project

BrainDead Brewing came to Matchbox looking for a full brand for their new brewpub in Dallas’ Deep Ellum neighborhood. There wasn’t a lot of backstory to how they ended up with their name, so part of the challenge was creating a story that tied in with their name and set the foundation of the brand.

The Solution

Quirky, irreverent illustrations, a high contrast color palette, and utilitarian design elements became the personality of the brand. BrainDead Brewing is not your typical brewpub. It’s a little offbeat and so is the brand. In addition to the brand identity collateral, I co-designed the menu system with Zach Hale and designed and developed a fully responsive website.

BrainDead Brewing menus

BrainDead Brewing menus

BrainDead Brewing menus

BrainDead Brewing business cards

BrainDead Brewing website

A fully responsive user interface.

The responsive website is fully integrated with WordPress to give the client the ability to update photography, events, new menu items etc. quickly and easily.

BrainDead Brewing mobile website

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